"Root Canal Filling in Your Heart

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About Who is dentman?

An oral warrior dispatched from the tooth fairy world.
He is based around the world and works daily to protect the oral peace of humankind.

Under the slogan "Root Canal Filling in Your Heart," he is working to reduce the number of people who dislike dentists and tooth brushing.

News Recent Events

  • School festival@Osaka Dental University

  • Tooth Square@kyoto

  • The 9th World Dental Meeting 2023

  • Tooth Square@kyoto

  • Social gathering@nagasaki

  • Hokkaido Dental Show 2023

  • 16th Japanese Society of Home Pharmacy Academic Conference

  • Appearance at Kinki Dental Show 2023

  • Appearance at World Dental Meeting in Japan 2023

  • Participation in the 2022 Japan Local Heroes Festival

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